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Common Myths

  • "Cold Calling and Telemarketing are the same thing."

            Cold calling and telemarketing are not the same.  Cold calling is an art
            whereas telemarketing is an predetermined activity.  Everyday we
            receive a call from a automated call center trying to sell us some sort
            of service or good that we really don't need.  The person on the other 
            end reads a script which they don't deviate from.  These calls are
            ineffective, boring and tiresome. 

            Cold calling is the ability to conduct a conversation over the phone
            with the ultimate goal of gaining an appointment or further
            commitment from the prospect.  Telemarketing is easy and can be 
            taught within a few hours.  Cold calling is more difficult and relies
            upon a host of skills.  Cold calling gets results.  Telemarketing
            does not. 

  • "I need to work a with a cold calling firm that will develop a "script""

            One question...When was the last time you read your evening
            conversation aloud with your wife or husband from a written script?
            If you would not script your life you certainly would not want to script
            a revenue generating activity.  Top-notch cold callers are flexible
            and come across in a conversational tone.  They are able to adjust
            to the phone style of the person on the other end.  

            Dump the scripts and think about the end-goal of the phone call. 
            The end result is more important than how the result is obtained. 

  • "Cold calling is best done by someone that has done is for many years"

            Experience does matter, but, don't overlook the fact that doing 
            something wrong year-after-year, doesn't count.  If you have been    
            a bartender for 20 years and make a whisky sour using vodka, you
            are not a bartender.  You are an employee that should be reassigned.

            The "proof is in the pudding" with cold calling.  Those that consistently
            gain appointments over the phone, day-after-day, year-after-year
            are the ones to partner with. 


Cold Calling, Inc.
Ph: 614-245-8230

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