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Cold Calling Inc. (CCI) is a business-to-business contract cold calling service.  We only work in a B2B environment with targeted focus from our clientele.  CCI isn't a call center, telemarketer,  or a script reading or answering service.  Our principals have 50 plus years of inside and outside sales and real world business management, finance and accounting exeprience.  Other firms may advertise lower rates, but, do they have the knowlege, experience, street savvy and moxy that CCI projects? 

Our fees are hourly-based and are tailored to each client.  Before any project is started, we conduct an in-depth interview with our clientele to understand what their goals and objectives they may have.  Since we are sales people, as opposed to call center reps, CCI uses intended outcomes as our guide while making cold calls on behalf of your firm.

Our services range from simple garnering of contact names/decisions makers to managing an in-depth sales campaign.  Furthermore, we can help in researching your industry to find prospective lists relevant to your industry and geographic area.  

CCI works throughout the United States (except HI & AK). 

We look forward to sharing our cold calling knowledge and experience in your effort to grow your business!

Below are some basic terms/statements:
  • 10 hours minimum to be purchased and any hours purchased must be used within 1 year.
  • Written agreements will be put in place to outline duties of CCI and its clients before work commences.
  • CCI references will be provided upon request.
  • Payment Schedule: to be agreed with each individual client, however, typically there will be an up-front payment before work begins with scheduled payments as progress is made on each individual assignment.
  • CCI will provide logs of hours worked and tasks accomplished.
  • Data, contact names, companies contacted etc. will be summarized and provided to the client.
Cold Calling, Inc.
Ph: 614-245-8230

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